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Robert Wiley Foundation

The Robert Wiley Foundation was established in 2004 and is an initiative instigated to ensure the ongoing development of the Perth’s district young players, both metropolitan and country. The Foundation also strives to excel in the development of our coaches and support staff that help to develop our future Perth Football Club players in the skills of Australian Rules football.   The Development Foundation will allow the Perth Football Club to develop an ongoing, consistent and broad based football development program which aims to filter throughout the ranks from  foundation squads to senior football at PFC   

The Development Foundation will allow for players who are not initially identified, to be included into the Development Squads at any time. Regular contact will be made with coaches and other club officials within the Perth District to assist with talent identification.   

Aims of the Foundation   

  • Producing 100 game players for the Perth Football Club.
  • Producing quality draft prospects for the AFL.
  • Developing quality youth coaches.
  • Promoting strong links with community junior and senior clubs.
  • Increasing the standard of football played and coached within the Perth Football Club’s metropolitan district and country zones.
  • To ensure the 75% of players in the senior teams at the Perth Football Club are from the PFC metropolitan District and Country Zones.


Sponsorship of the Foundation is available and provides a range of opportunities to gain exposure for your company or business. We offer opportunities to profile your business name on training gear, playing jumpers etc. For those wishing to utilise this opportunity to gain exposure, the Development Squads are an excellent way to profile your company to the 13 – 16 year old age group and the parents of this age group.   More information on sponsorship can be gained by contacting the Director of the Foundation Steven Armstrong on 9362 4499  Donations  –  via the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)

The Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF) was established by the Australian Government to assist organisations to raise funds through public & corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia. Pursuant to the ASF’s listing in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997) (div 30, S 30-90), donations of $2 or more to the ASF are tax deductible.

Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction, however the ASF’s structure makes it possible for a donor to nominate a registered project as the preferred beneficiary of their gift. Perth Football Club Inc – Robert Wiley Junior Development Foundation Project, project no. 203320, is registered with and conducted under the charter of the ASF.

All claims are subject to being accepted by the Commissioner of Taxation. If either an individual or business is uncertain of their position they should seek their own professional advice. Anyone wishing to donate to the Robert Wiley Foundation can do so on the specified forms or by contacting the Director of the Foundation.

If you are keen to assist in any way, please feel free to call me on 9362 4499